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Tomato by Joan Cantó.

A blast with beautiful grain being brought out. This plump pipe is gorgeous, don't you agree? I love the transition of blasted finish to the smooth top on the pipe. … [Read More...]


Dublin by Joan Cantó.

A stunning blast on a intriguing Dublin from Joan. Joan has done a fantastic homage to this popular and well aged shape. His blast is … [Read More...]


Smooth Billiard by Joan Cantó.

A petite and elegant Billiard. This Billiard is tiny and as light as a feather. (15 grams!!) Joan and I would like to recommend this to an experienced smoker. It will feel effortless as your hold it in your mouth. Absolutely … [Read More...]


Briar Kiseru by Joan Cantó.

A Briar Kiseru by Joan, this time with a blasted finish. A fantastic concept that ends with a very beautiful pipe that I guarantee will smoke … [Read More...]


Briar Kiseru by Joan Cantó.

This is a very special and unique pipe by a fantastic pipe maker, Joan Cantó! The Briar Kiseru with bamboo comes with 2 stems. One shaped like a traditional Kiseru and one like a … [Read More...]

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Smooth Volcano by Clark Layton.

A stunning piece of work by Clark. Superb straight grain and unreal birds eye. What more could you want? $320 AUD Or Email me at jakewolki@gmail.com to purchase this pipe in a more personal manner. Length Height Weight  Chamber … [Read More...]

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