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Black Forest by Grant Batson.

This pipe is a beauty! The black bamboo really sets it off. It's joins are seamless! The whole pipe 'flows' fantastically, and holds really well! I'm super excited about this pipe!! … [Read More...]

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Rotten Tomato by Grant Batson.

I love this shape, Grant has nailed it. It feels great in hand and the smooth top of the pipe is a fantastic contrast to the soft blast. … [Read More...]

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Slouching Sitter by Grant Batson.

A charismatic sitter that really strikes you with its unconventional shape. It is very light for it's size. A gem by Batson. … [Read More...]

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Spitfire by Grant Batson.

This small pipe has a load of character and oozes smoking machine potential. SOLD! Length 95mm Height 45mm Weight 40grams Chamber Height 31mm Chamber Width 22mm Filter No … [Read More...]

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Egbert by Grant Batson.

This was a special request for Grant to do. A shape not seen very often out of the Batson workshop. A strong pipe with lots of character. SOLD! Length 110mm Height 90mm Weight 50grams Chamber Height 40mm Chamber … [Read More...]

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Estate Horn by Steve Liskey.

A great Horn by Steve Liskey - unsmoked! Fantastic grain and extremely light at 40 grams! Grab a great pipe by a great maker who's pipes are scarcely … [Read More...]

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