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Tomato by Joan Cantó.

A blast with beautiful grain being brought out. This plump pipe is gorgeous, don't you agree? I love the transition of blasted finish to the smooth top on the pipe. … [Read More...]


Dublin by Joan Cantó.

A stunning blast on a intriguing Dublin from Joan. Joan has done a fantastic homage to this popular and well aged shape. His blast is … [Read More...]


Smooth Billiard by Joan Cantó.

A petite and elegant Billiard. This Billiard is tiny and as light as a feather. (15 grams!!) Joan and I would like to recommend this to an experienced smoker. It will feel effortless as your hold it in your mouth. Absolutely … [Read More...]


Rusticated Pot by Joan Cantó.

Another beautiful display of rustication from Joan's workshop. This stubby little pot has great proportions and feels fantastic in hand! It is also sporting some great birdseye. Get in quick as this one will not be available for long! … [Read More...]


Bent Egg by Joan Cantó.

One of the most beautiful pipes I have ever seen. I am sorry but I kept it for my personal collection. … [Read More...]


Bent Billiard by Joan Cantó.

A timeless creation by Joan. His own signature rustication is really starting to take shape and this is a perfect example of … [Read More...]

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